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Télécommande SNC-RX570P/WCE

Télécommande SNC-RX570P/WCE

Réf : SNC-RX570P/WCE
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Paiement 100% sécurisé
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Télécommande SNC-RX570P/WCE
Télécommande SNC-RX570P/WCE
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  • Caractéristiques
    Click here for SNC-RX Series Brochure(PDF)
    Click here for datasheet (PDF)


    360 degree endless pan, tilt and 36x zoom
    The SNC-RX550 incorporates 360 degree endless pan, tilt and 36x optical zoom capability to provide full visibility ofthe camera's surrounding. With a pan and tilt speed of 300 degree per second, you can move the sight to the desiredposition quickly. Up to 16 preset positions can be set with return accuracy of ±0.2 degree.

    "Day/Night" function
    With the combination of Day/Night function and Exwave HAD CCD, the SNC-RX550P offers high sensitivity (Minimumillumination 0.15lx) and excellent visibility in poor and varying light conditions.

    Multiple compression formats (JPEG, MPEG4, H.264)
    Depending on application and available bandwidth on a network, you can select your optimum codec from above threecodecs. Typically, the compression ratio of MPEG4 is approximately four times higher than JPEG, while H.264'scompression ratio is approximately twice that of the MPEG4.

    MPEG4 and JPEG dual encoding capability
    The SNC-RZ50P can generate MPEG4 and JPEG images simultaneously. While JPEG stream can be recorded and monitoredlocally, where available bandwidth is sufficient, MPEG4 can be transmitted over the Internet even under limitedbandwidth.

    Intelligent motion detection
    Different from the conventional motion detection scheme, the SNC-RZ50's motion detection analyzes movement over thelast 15 frames to detect only significant motion. It reduces false alarms from environmental noise such as shakingtrees, waves or random noise from AGC (Auto Gain Control).

    Intelligent object detection
    An object that newly appears and stays more than 40 seconds in the selected scene can be detected as an "unattendedobject". This function can also detect an object which has been removed from the scene. There are three time settingsfor this function.

    Wide Dynamic Range With DynaView Technology
    The camera incorporates DynaView technology, which dramatically improves camera dynamic range by 128 times whencompared to conventional cameras. This results in clear image reproduction, even in extreme high-contrastenvironments.

    The camera captures the same image twice - first with a normal shutter speed, and then with a high shutter speed. Thedark areas captured at normal shutter speed and the bright areas captured at high shutter speed are then combined intoone image using an advanced DSP LSI.

    Additionally, as these high-contrast scenes may have different lighting conditions, two white balance circuits areemployed - one for normal shutter speed and the other for high shutter speed. This advanced technique reproduceshigh-contrast images with proper colour.

    Marque : SONY
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    Référence de l'article : SNC-RX570P/WCE
    Poids : 1 kg
    Code EAN : 4905524463705
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